AGM - Wednesday July 4th 2018

Takapuna District Cricket Club

Annual General Meeting

Held at TDCC Wednesday July 4th 2018 Start 7.35pm.

Present: Chris Glackin, Damian Cancare, Brett Bending, Daniel James, Mark Steyn, Ian Plant, Mark Avis, Graham Moyle, Amita Weerakoon, Andreas Baumgartner, Iain Laxon(ACA), Carl Howey, Dave le Marquand,  Dan O’Sullivan, Rob Jane, Neil Murray, Mike McCarthy, Peter Sheehan, Russ Glackin, Jason Mills, Paul Hitchcock, Scott Mackenzie, Susanne Martin, Neil Race, Chris Reid, Wilson Russell, Andy Ross, Rob Jones, Ryan Scivier, Stacey Nicholas, Megan Scrimgeour, Campbell Newman (ACA), Robert O’Donnell, William O’Donnell, Erica Knights, Guy Harley, Dean Goldsworthy, Gareth Bodle.

Apologies: Kyle McElwain, Gayle Moyle, Kevin Turnock, Roger Noll, Steve Jones, Matt Jones, Neil Race, James Murray, Hendrik Van Vuren, Mark Laurenson, Chris Newsome, Stu Jensen.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

  • S Mackenzie noted small “a” required in Mckenzie.
  • W Russell proposed 2017 AGM Meeting meetings with above amendment be accepted as an accurate record of proceedings.
  • Second: C Glackin
  • Carried

Matters Arising from Previous minutes




Matters Arising from Correspondence


Presidents Report

Carl Howey read the report. It was noted that at 20 minutes was an improvement from last year.

Motion that the Presidents Report be accepted as read.

  • Moved: D Cancare
  • Seconded: A Baumgartner
  • Carried

Nil questions coming from Presidents Report.

Financial Report

M. Avis presented the Financial Report and advised that the auditors, Hart & Co, had completed the Audit of the Accounts.

Continued improvement in transparency. Subs no longer paid over the bar as that is too difficult to track. Has helped in the transparency.

Mark to forward copy of his report.[DLM1] 

Questions on the accounts:

R Jane:  raised query as to why accounts receivable at $11,500.

Answer:  Monies received - just rather a timing issue.

W Russell: No debtors identified. What happens if don’t pau subscriptions.

Answer: Club has a policy no sub no play. There is no payment over bar now. Need to pay lump sum or entered a payment plant to be eligible to play.

C Glackin: raised query with ACA noting the levies on the one hand and payment on the other.

Answer (ACA): Affiliation fee is for running of competitions, costs and staffing. Not all costs are passed on only a contribution is sought. There are CPI adjustments and reviews made from time to time for levies and payments. Basis for levy is on a team basis.

N Murray: How often grants adjusted.

Answer: (ACA) Generally balances out on CPI basis.

C Glackin: Club in the hub funding is up. How do we lock in the level of funding?

Answer (ACA) Most from NZC grant but looking at new partnership (Foundation North). ACA are trying to ensure stability and certainty in funding as recognise that is essential for planning.

Proposed that the Financial Report be accepted.

  • Moved: R Jane
  • Seconded: G Harley
  • Carried

ACA Report – Iain Laxon (Campbell Newman) See attached statement.

J Mills  - Is there now a more stringent judiciary approach?

Answer (IL): Have an independent panel. Did have a spate of proceedings but this dissipated. There has also been greater education of umpires. Punishment need to be meaningful and accountable.

C Reid: raised query on use of reserve days and how ties are resolved.

Answer (IL): Has been addressed in playing conditions for this season.

C Reid: Issue of number of woman rep players in some teams from outside of Auckland.

Answer (IL): Issues with open door policy now recognised. Now looking to have a maximum number in a team and identify which teams they should be in.

C Glackin: Concerns over junior rule changes and that it may be being watered down.

Answer (IL): Initiative out of Australia driven by Ian Renshaw and related to skill based development.  Related to skill development. This had included use of different weighted balls.

(DO) Confirmed that ACA have listened hard to inputs from the Club and various changes made. Now that there is understanding behind the changes consider them to be a positive move.

(SM) Commended ACA for taking on board the various comments and considers that we now have the best option.

R Scivier: Inquired what format and date changes there was to be this season for prem cricket.

Answer (IL) Set out the key changes for the seasons. Reduction in two day cricket. Need for some T20 in mid-week to fit everything in. No top 4 or bottom 4. These changes can be confirmed later on website.

P Hitchcock: Query about how much Board got involved in format decisions.

Answer (IL): Board paper presented. Board has advisory responsibility not decision making one. Use consensus mode and vote.

C Glackin: Enquired if there were any movements at Board level.

Answer (C Newman): 7 people on Board. Each one has a 3 year tenure but there is no limit to how long one can stay. One person is resigning shortly. There is an election process – involves 5 independent interviewers, and then is formalised at ACA AGM.

Constitutional Amendments.

D le Marquand presented the proposed amendments to the constitution.

Proposed that the Constitutional changes as presented to AGM be confirmed.

  • Moved: M Scrimgeour
  • Seconded: W Russell
  • Carried

Election of Officers



  • Peter Sheehan nominated Neil Murray to be re-nominated as Patron
  • Seconded: Carl Howey
  • Elected Unopposed

Vice Patrons


  • Carl Howey nominated the reappointment of vice patrons: Russel Glackin, Allan Yates, Graham Rouse, Jason Mills and Alex O’Dowd.
  • Seconded: M  Scrimgeour
  • Elected Unopposed



  • Susanne Martin nominated Carl Howey
  • Seconded: G Moyle
  • Elected Unopposed

Executive Chairperson


  • S Mackenzie nominated Susanne Martin
  • Seconded: R O’Donnell
  • Elected Unopposed

Senior Chairperson


  • G Harley nominated Daniel O’Sullivan.
  • Seconded: Susanne Martin

Junior Chairperson


  • M Avis nominated Roger Noll
  • Seconded: Dan O’Sullivan
  • Elected Unopposed.




  • A Baumgartner nominated Mark Avis
  • Seconded: R Scivier
  • Elected Unopposed



  • A Ross nominated Dave le Marquand
  • Seconded: G Moyle
  • Elected unopposed


Clubrooms/Facilities Management


  • P Hitchcock nominated Scott Mackenzie
  • Seconded: D James
  • Elected Unopposed

Women’s Chairperson


  • Susanne Martin nominated Stacey Nicholas
  • Seconded: M Scrimgeour
  • Elected Unopposed



  • M Avis nominated Hart and Co
  • Seconded: A Ross
  • Elected Unopposed

Honorary Solicitor


  • Peter Sheehan nominated Bill Patterson
  • Seconded: Neil Murray
  • Elected Unopposed

General Business:

·        R Jane raised query about use of sheds and enclosure adjoining clubrooms.

Answer (A Weerakoon): Council advised still need for storing ground equipment. 

·       Progress with grass block on number 2. Answer (AW) Still being worked on.

·       C Glackin: Grass block at Marist rugby ground in Albany. Answer (ACA) has moved to Hobsonville.

·       G Bodle raised general question about how can get nets established at Hobsonville – it’s a new community with few contacts. Answer (ACA) it needs infrastructure lobbying – need to work with IL (best to take off line).


Carl Howey presented out going Women’s Chair Damian Cancare with bottle of champagne as a token of appreciation for all his extraordinary efforts over the last few years.

Carl Howey presented outgoing Women’s coach C Reid with a bottle of champagne as a token of appreciation for all his coaching efforts over the last four years and the success he had brought to the Club.

A presentation was made by Carl Howey to all present life members of a Takapuna District Cricket Club Life Member lapel badge. This included G Moyle; N Murray, M Srimgeour, P Sheehan, C Glackin, R Glackin,  B Bending, A Baumgartner.

Chairman’s Report.

·         Chairman thanked all the club volunteers.

·         Announced Mark Steyn as the new Women’s premier coach.

·         Announced Ryan Scivier as the new Club Community Coach. 

·                                A new sponsor was welcomed. Barfoot and Thompson is now a key sponsor of the Club. Thanks to S Mackenzie for organising this. We look forward to a positive relationship.

Meeting closed by Carl Howey at 9.29pm



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