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This year we are seeking donations towards our Clubhouse facilities - One of the biggest issues we face as a Club is around facilities maintenance and asset replacement.  For example, the Club is in desperate need for new Dishwasher/Sterilisers for the Bar and the Kitchen.  Both of these areas of the club are significant contributors to the Club’s revenue each year and without these vital pieces of equipment this revenue is in jeopardy.  Therefore, we have endeavoured to make this nice and easy so that when you register you will see that there is an extra question relating to a Facilities Donation in addition to your Annual Club Registration.  You will have the choice to contribute $20, $50 or more if you are able.

Please read this letter outlining our requirements - ……Why we need a Facilities Donation .pdf

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Heritage and our 75th Anniversary

With our 75th Anniversary coming up in 2025, a Heritage Committee has been set up to help coordinate celebrating this milestone and also to begin preserving all the precious memories that are part of our club’s proud history - more details click above link


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