TDCC Selection policy



In keeping with our Strategic Plan Vision to be “Auckland’s Community Focused Cricket Club of Choice" we need to clearly document our processes to ensure that all of the pillars that support our Vision are available to those in succession in the executive management of the club.



1.      AIMS

1.1   This selection policy is for the benefit of all players and selectors alike and is designed to enable the selection process to operate as smoothly as possible.

1.2   To provide definitive guidance to the Selection Committee in the exercise of their responsibilities.

1.3   To provide open and transparent information to players enabling them to understand the selection process and the criteria used by the Selection Committee.

1.4   To ensure that a consistent approach to selection is maintained and that all players are treated fairly.


2.1   Selection of the Premier, Premier Reserves, 3rd XI and 4th XI will be the responsibility of the Selection Committee.

2.2   The Selection Committee will consist of: Premier Coach, the Captain of each team and an independent Executive Committee appointee.

2.3   Selection will take place following the conclusion of training on a Tuesday evening as all discussions should have taken place in the time between end of weekend play and Tuesday training.

3.      POLICY

3.1   All players are selected on merit.

3.2   The Premier team will have first choice of available players.

3.3   All players must be a paid member of TDCC (or an agreement is in place with the Chairman or Treasurer).

3.4   It is the player’s responsibility to inform the Selection Committee of their unavailability prior to the Selection Committee meeting.

3.5   Late withdrawals by players puts extreme pressure on all those involved in dealing with the changes and knock on effects (especially if it is a Premier player). In such circumstances that player should inform the appropriate captain ASAP. The Selection Committee will then select a replacement from the team below.

3.6   Replacement players should not bypass a team i.e. a Premier Reserve player should not be replaced by a 4th XI player.

3.7   Following a late withdrawal that replacement player promoted can expect to be considered for that team at the following weeks Selection Committee meeting.

3.8   Any person promoted or dropped will be spoken to personally by the Premier Coach (or a selection panel member) on the night of the Selection Committee meeting or as soon as possible thereafter.

3.9   If a player is concerned that the correct procedures have not been followed they must inform the independent Executive Committee appointee who sat on the Selection Committee. The appointee shall consider the complaint and its merits. If the complaint does not have merits he shall notify the player involved giving his reasons for the decision. Players should note a mere difference of opinion in matters in which the Selection Committee has discretion shall not be valid grounds for making a complaint.

3.10  If the independent Executive Committee appointee deems the matter to have merit, then they shall do the following:

i)      Ask the Selection Committee to reconsider the decision in question

3.11  As the Club’s main recruitment is at the Youth level, selection will reflect this.


The following factors will be taken into account when selecting the senior sides:

4.1   Individual Performances. The Selection Committee will focus on all round performance. i.e. batting, bowling and fielding.

4.2   Attitude. This includes player’s attitude to his Club, fellow players, coaching staff and Club administrators. The focus will be on effort/commitment to training and match days, punctuality and contribution to team spirit and performance.

4.3   Fitness.

4.4   Training Attendance. Players are expected to train at least once a week. If players cannot attend due to work/study commitments, they must advise a member of the Selection Committee.

5.      CAPTAINS

Captains through the Selection Committee will be responsible for:

5.1   The selection, tactics, morale and discipline of the team.

5.2   The encouragement of well turned out sides.

5.3   The hospitality of umpires and the opposition when playing at home.

5.4   Act as a link for Club Administrators.


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