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Covid 19 A;ert Levels and Protocols

New Zealand Cricket COVID-19 Level 3 – Step 2 Guide (updated 25/11/2021)

With the new 3 step approach, NZC has developed a COVID-19 guideline to assist with ensuring all participants remain safe and play and train within what is currently permitted.

Cricket Guidelines for Alert Level 3 - Step 2

• You can meet people (up to a maximum of 25 people including coaches) for non-contactcricket training, without a maximum household limit.

• You must maintain physical distancing (2 meters) with all others in the training group.

• No contact activity or sharing equipment, including balls is permitted.

• Live net training sessions can be undertaken as long as each bowler has their own ball,batters hit the ball back to the bowlers avoiding equipment sharing

and social distancing guidelines are observed.

• Any fielding activities where government guidance on equipment sharing and social distancing can not be followed must not be undertaken.

• You can travel within your region to get to a destination for sport and recreation (for example, going to a particular park).

• Contact tracing remains a key tool in the fight against Covid. All outdoor training facilities (nets) must have a Contact Tracing QR Poster displayed.

Where there is doubt or confusion regarding any of the above guidelines people should favour a cautious approach and refrain from the activity.

For more sport specific COVID-19 information visit the Sport New Zealand website:



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