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Auckland Cricket Playing Calendar for 2017/18 season

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Takapuna District Cricket Club Policies - September 2017



Premier Club Cricket Preview – Takapuna

Takapuna have a strong history in the women’s premier grade and that record is something Coach Chris Reid is very keen for his side to build on this season.

In his first full season with the side Reid says he’s been very clear with his aims for the team.

“It’s my first pre-season with the girls and it has been good. With any kind of club sport it is always hard to get everyone along at once but our numbers have been building and we are making good progress. There has also been a continuation of some of the learning that happened towards the back end of last year.  People seem to have taken that into their approach to the preseason.”

“I am really interested to see if the girls can continue to build on that progress we made and take another stride forward. I think they made a lot of improvements last year, so I am quiet eager to see how that unfolds over the season ahead.”

Aiding the coach’s hopes is a familiar squad for Takapuna from last season along with some useful additions.

“We have only lost one person, who has moved to Melbourne. So our core is still the same plus the addition of some ex-rep players that are putting their hand up to play for us.”

Reid says he is still confirming his squad for the season as he works around player’s other commitments in life. He believes his squad has a lot of potential.

“There is a lot of talent in the playing unit. So it is a matter of bringing all that talent together so they play as a team.”

“The team spirit is a big thing, it is very much still developing. There is still work to be done there before the season starts. It is something I am quite aware of, actually bringing the team together. Cricket can be a long six months. So trying to create a spirit that will allow the girls to ride through the bad and tough times which undoubtedly there will be. Strong spirit will allow them to get through that. It is something that will always evolve like it does with any side.”

The goal of improved team spirit and resilience has led to a big focus in the pre-season on fitness.

“It has been a huge focus for us. We had a lot of injuries last year. Some freak things like a broken wrists that you can’t say was because of fitness but I did feel at times our bodies weren’t holding up to the strain as we didn’t have a base level of fitness that was coping with the strain of cricket. So that is something we have looked to address through the sessions we have had so far. We’ve spent at least 40 percent of the time on fitness based work.”

“That’s been tough for the girls and they haven’t liked me for it at times but I think that it will pay dividends and it will be a continued focus that we will look to have during the season. Trying to ensure that we control what we can control.”

Reid says as well as injury prevention the extra fitness work has been designed to also try and help Takapuna’s players deliver consistent performances.

“As a coach something that is always at the forefront of my mind is trying to get consistency. I think it is something they all desire, we have a lot of representative players and that’s part of what they have had drilled into them for quite a while. It is about trying to get that next level of performance that will help add to their games.”

Reid hopes that through the development of the whole squad more players will be making big contributions this season and overall he wants his side in contention to win all competitions.


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